Preferred Suppliers List for Learning and Development Providers

The Advice Skills Academy (ASA) is a European Social Fund (ESF) funded project, running October 2016 to September 2019 (subject to change control approval), which will develop a co-ordinated approach to identifying learning and development needs of staff within local Citizens Advice services across the Liverpool City Region (LCR).

The project will:

  • Develop a calendar of training opportunities to meet the needs of staff, including internal Citizens Advice delivery, and externally procured delivery
  • Identify other learning and development opportunities, including e-learning, coaching and mentoring
  • Support the development of learning organisations that are responsive to the needs of staff, volunteers, and their learning, development and progression goals

The project has been developed to:

  • Address higher level skills shortages in specialist advice services
  • Provide training and support for people within the workforce to improve skills, knowledge, progression and productivity
  • Provide a training and support route for disadvantaged groups seeking to access further job opportunities in the sector
  • Improve management, leadership and progression capacity
  • Promote equality by improving the progression prospects of women within the workforce

ASA are looking to create a Preferred Suppliers List, in order to procure the delivery of goods or services for the project up to a total budget value of £30,200. This Application form is to be used for applying to be entered onto the Preferred Suppliers List for ASA. For full details of the ASA procurement processes, please see the ASA Procurement Framework document.

The Women’s Organisation is the accountable body for this Programme. Send all correspondence in relation to this process to info@thewo.org.uk.

Deadline for responses: Tuesday 18 September 2017, 5pm

Download the procurement framework

Download the application form

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