‘Prevent’ community-based training projects

Liverpool City Council has secured funding from the Home Office to deliver community-based training, supporting and raising awareness of the local Prevent strategy, which helps protect vulnerable people from the harms of extremism.

Some sessions are designed for professionals and others aimed at young people. The objective of this project is to stimulate meaningful conversations, along with open and honest debate, and to help protect vulnerable people.

The project will help to improve the understanding of professional responsibilities in respect to the ‘prevent duty’ and enable everyone to better understand the different types of ideologies and extremist groups currently operating in the UK and abroad.

The sessions will present counter narratives and equip participants with the knowledge and confidence to recognise and be able to refer cases of concern.

These sessions are fully funded, so there is no cost implication to your organisation.

If you believe that you, your colleagues or the young people that you work with, would benefit from one of these sessions, please contact Declan Sammin, prevent engagement officer at Liverpool City Council, at declan.sammin@liverpool.gov.uk.

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