Princes Trust – Fairbridge Course for Young People Aged 16 – 25

Free spaces available on the Fairbridge Programme – Fairbridge Course for Young People Aged 16 – 25

This free course will provide an opportunity for your young people to work on Personal and Social Development using a range of outdoor activities and various group work tasks.

This is a great opportunity for young people to develop new skills and help move them into employment, education or training.

Over 80% of our young people move on to a positive outcome such as employment, education or training.  We have a specific outcomes team who identify opportunities for our staff to guide and support our young people into at the end of their programme with us.

If you know any young people who might be interested, e-mail Jen (Jenny.Gold@princes-trust.org.uk) or call 07717488542 and we will contact them immediately.

Key information

  • Young people can enrol any Tuesday
  • The programme will take place at 60 – 62 Renshaw Street, Liverpool, L1 4EN
  • The young people must be Aged 16 – 26, Not in Education, Employment or Training
  • Free to attend and will not affect receipt of benefits
  • Travel expenses and lunch will be provided whilst on the programme
  • Post programme support to move the young people into employment, education or training


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