Public Services Lab LLP Vacancy: Independent Board Member

Formally established as a Limited Liability Partnership in February 2017, the Public Services Lab is a collaboration between Catch22, Interserve, Big Society Capital and Club Finance. The idea of the Lab is to create a space through which public services can be re-imagined. The new economics make it clear that business as usual is no longer possible and that public bodies will need to think very differently about how they ensure the delivery of high quality public services.

Over the last 30 years, people-facing public services have become increasingly bureaucratic, hard to access, and removed from the communities they are designed to serve. This has contributed to stubbornly poor outcomes, driving spiralling costs as service users continue to develop more acute needs that could have been prevented. With conditions in many of our communities worsening, and demand for services soaring there is a need for fundamental improvement.

Solving this requires more human, user-focused services that are better able to deliver end outcomes. The voluntary and community sector can help to drive this improvement with preventative and personalised interventions along with vibrancy, innovation, relationships, social purpose, volunteers and access to communities. It is equally vital that this is done in collaboration with commissioners for services designed around achieving outcomes.

Based in the Cunard Building at Liverpool’s Pier Head, the Lab seeks to make a difference to the delivery of public services across the Liverpool City Region. First projects are already under way. The Lab plans to launch publicly on Tuesday 23 May 2017.

The main purpose of the trustee role is to provide oversight of the Public Services Lab LLP so as to ensure high standards of corporate governance. In particular:

  • Ensure compliance with the Lab’s Members’ Agreement, the Companies Acts, and recognised standards of Corporate Governance
  • Support and advise the Board in the development of business strategies designed to meet the Lab’s objectives
  • Ensure that the Lab’s resources are appropriately directed in pursuit of its objectives
  • Ensure the effective and efficient administration of the business
  • Ensure the Lab maintains high standards of ethics in the conduct of its external affairs and in internal matters such as equal opportunity and employment policies
  • Contribute insights from the local perspective of communities, local government, and voluntary groups on Merseyside
  • Monitor the performance of the Executives, advise, mentor and challenge them so as to help them improve their personal and team performance
  • Attend and actively participate in all Board Meetings unless unavoidably prevented, including reading and diligently considering all Board papers in advance

Routine meetings are normally held at the company’s premises in Liverpool on twelve occasions per annum. NEDs may also be required to attend occasional special purpose meetings.

Independent Board Members are appointed by the Members on the recommendation of the Chair. The position is that of an officer, not an employee and is subject to six months’ notice during the first year of service and three months’ notice thereafter.

For the calendar year 2017, the Independent Board Member will be expected to work up to 20 days including attending the Board meetings. They will be remunerated £350 per day. Independent Board Members are compensated for reasonable expenses incurred in connection with the role.

For more information, contact Grace Nolan at grace.nolan@publicserviceslab.org.uk.

Deadline for applications: Friday 7 April 2017

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