PurpleDoor, who is hoping to become the UK’s first free theatre is looking for space

PurpleDoor is an LCR based CIC hoping to become the UK’s first free theatre, with a community and cultural program that champions undiscovered talent and supports underserved local communities. With support from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Arts Council England and the Women’s Org, they believe they have an exciting proposition for the city region and its high streets, post-covid.

They are currently looking for partners who may be able to offer them space, who they can work with to provide an enhanced cultural and leisure opportunity for the local area. They are keen to explore temporary or ‘pop-up’ options, in the first instance, to establish market interest and to act as proof of concept. They are open to collaborations with other businesses or property owners who may have space to accommodate PurpleDoor.

They bring an extensive body of experience and market research to this proposition, with a comprehensive and costed business plan, which aims to reach a new audience and to foster a sense of community and engagement. Their board is highly skilled and they also run a community board made up of those who will eventually use PurpleDoor, to make sure that what they are proposing is what people want and need. Ideally, they want to be able to subsidise their cultural offer, to make it free at the point of entry, by providing a food and drinks option for their customers. They are open to possibilities around how they could bring life to an unloved space, or work alongside a current offering to establish a jointly provided vibrant entertainment scene. They would consider space in the region of 1000-2500sq ft, ideally with a plan to establish operations within the next 5-9 months.

Think you can help? For more information, please contact Karl Falconer on karl.falconer@outlook.com.

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