Request for information for the December 2023 Parenting Newsletter

Lisa Lunt the LCC Parenting Co-ordinator is looking to get out a winter special edition of the families newsletter, hopefully at the beginning of December, to ensure that there is support for families over and during the school holiday break.

She is particularly interested in helping to advertise any special events that families can access over the December period.  This is not just Christmas events, but events or campaigns that are promoted to families or celebrations during the month of December and will benefit children and families.

The recent Autumn Parenting Newsletter has had the most public views so far, with 9558 Views.

If you have anything you would like to share or promote in this next newsletter, please send the details over to Lisa.Lunt@liverpool.gov.uk  who will be starting work on this edition over the next couple weeks, so it can be ready in time for 1 December 2023.

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