Research Capability Funding

Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (LCCG) is advertising a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Research Capability Funding (RCF)  grant scheme, which can be used to fund the generation of preliminary or underpinning data (qualitative or quantitative) to support an NIHR application known as a “pump priming” grant.

The scheme will only fund studies which will directly generate data for NIHR grant applications, and applications should clearly illustrate the need for the research and its potential impact on the NHS and the population of Liverpool. The grant can be up to 6 months in duration and at the individual’s normal salary rate. The scheme funds the individual’s salary only (i.e. no consumables, travel, FEC etc.). A clear justification of the resources will be requested on the application form.

Applications can include one or a combination of the following; pilot work to test whether the components of the main study can work together; systematic reviews of the available evidence; feasibility studies to test recruitment, randomisation, outcome measures, etc.

This is a research funding stream that aims to help research-active organisations such as LCCG, attract, develop and retain high-quality research, clinical and support staff. Thus, helping NHS organisations to create and maintain a sustainable capacity for people and patient-based research. It also facilitates success in attracting NIHR research grants and other funding, leading to future allocation of RCF.

LCCG is committed to delivering outstanding performance in the way health and social care services are commissioned and it seeks to integrate the commissioning of services with a research evidence base, for the benefit of the people of Liverpool. Research activity must be sustainable, and as such, LCCG aim to work in collaboration with academic partners to access funding through the NIHR. Submissions are welcomed from applicants across the North West Coast for research in the Liverpool region.

LCCG is particularly interested in applications which NIHR has rejected, but for which the applicants have received favourable comments or have been invited to resubmit. Applicants must show how the grant will be used to enable new or develop existing collaborations with key individuals in LCCG. Ineligible costs include costs already supported in other ways by the NIHR.

Applicants are expected to produce an application to an NIHR funding stream and an end of project short report for commissioners. Applicants are expected to make the case for how their grant application fits into the themes and priorities listed in the priority areas document.

All applicants for RCF are expected to deliver the following outputs:

  1. Completed, credible and competitive grant application to a NIHR funding stream
  2. Short summary report of about 4 pages including recommendations for commissioners and future research
  3. Submission of a peer reviewed publication

Deadline for applications: Friday 19 January 2018

For more information, contact Kirsty Pine, Operations Manager NIHR CLAHRC NWC, on 0151 296 7451 or email kirsty.pine@liverpoolccg.nhs.uk.

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