Sexual health and body confidence workshops for young women

Talk the Talk Education CIC is offering free body confidence workshops to young women in Merseyside.

Thanks to funding from the Tampon Tax fund and Merseyside Community Foundation, the training organisation is delivering the Vulva Revolution project – offering organisations in Merseyside free educational sessions, to be delivered to groups of girls and women.

The need for these sessions

Education and training delivered by Talk the Talk is designed to tackle woman and girl’s health inequalities. Genital and reproductive health awareness is still a massive taboo topic for most young people and even adults. This lack of awareness and knowledge leads to:

  • Poor genital hygiene leading to infections such as thrush and BV
  • Shame and embarrassment of their genital area as they are not fully aware of the physical changes that happen during puberty
  • Turning down appointments for cervical smear tests due to embarrassment and minimal knowledge of the procedure
  • Young girls associating sex with pain
  • Late detection of women’s cancers such as cervical and ovarian

Talk the Talk is changing this by empowering girls and women to take ownership of their bodies and make positive decisions about their sexual health. Over the long term this will have a massive impact on their health but also their wellbeing in relationships, as well as their partner’s understanding, leading to healthier relationships.

What the sessions deliver

The sessions are designed to educate, empower, build body confidence and build self-resilience by making girls and women fully genital aware. Delivered in an age appropriate, sensitive yet straight talking style, they cover the anatomy of the genitals by using resources such as 3D models that allow them to educate girls and women about their bodies. Prior to the sessions, many girls don’t even know the correct terminology for their own anatomy in this area.

In a sensitive, safe, engaging learning environment the team cover aspects of female health including periods, sexual health, personal hygiene, gynaecological health, menopause, self-esteem and body confidence. They also explore body positivity in a safe and age appropriate way, that empowers girls and women.

The sessions are flexible and can be tailored to the needs of a specific group.

Outcomes include:

  • Improved knowledge and understanding of women’s genitals
  • Improved understanding of menstruation, healthy relationships, sexual health and consent
  • Improved knowledge and understanding of gynaecological health, including periods and women’s cancers
  • Improved confidence
  • Participants feeling improved empowerment about their bodies

For more information or to book a session, email enquiries@talkthetalkeducation.com or phone Rachel Fitzsimmons on 07769264025.

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