Shielded In The Community is looking for participants

Shielded In The Community is a disabled-led project run in partnership with DaDa Fest and funded by Liverpool City Council.

They aim for their work to be on public display for the International Day of Disabled Persons on 1 December 2022.

They invite people to participate in this project by responding artistically to their shielding experience – whatever their shielding status.

Please see the videos below for inspiration:

  • Film –  Look at Ellen’s video here.
  • Music – Look at Mal’s video here.
  • Poetry – Look at Amina’s video here.
  • Writing – Look at Mandy’s video here.

Please send your submissions to shieldedinfo@gmail.com.

Deadline: Midnight on Sunday 17 July 2022.

They can extend the deadline if needed.

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