Small Charity Week 2019 – 17th – 22nd June

Small Charity Week 2019 is coming up and this year marks the 10th anniversary of the event. There are a range of opportunities available all week, for small charities to shout about their work, get support and advice and develop skills and knowledge.

The event sill take place over six themed days:

  1. I Love Small Charities Day: Social media competitions to win funds for your charity.
  2. Big Advice Day: Free advice on any charity topic of your choosing from experts across the sector and business leaders.
  3. Policy Day: Local and national events to support engagement between small charities and policy makers and influencers.
  4. Fundraising Day: Take part in competitions and initiatives to raise vital funds for your small charity and join the Fundraising Conference to improve your knowledge on fundraising topics.
  5. Small Charity Big Impact Day: We announce the winners of our Small Charity Big Impact Awards and celebrate the huge impact small charities have.
  6. Celebration Day: Get involved and run an event to help raise awareness of and celebrate your amazing work.

See www.smallcharityweek.com for more information and follow @SCWeek2019 for updates.

What’s happening at LCVS during Small Charity Week?

Liverpool charities can register for a free advice session with our Capacity Building team on Monday 17th June 2019. Spaces are limited and will book up, so get the details here and register soon!

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