St George’s Hall Charitable Trust launches fundraiser for Mary Seacole Statue

Following an initial commission opportunity call out, St George’s Hall Charitable Trust has announced the second phase of their Mary Seacole statue campaign – kickstarting a fundraiser to mark International Nurses Day.

The Trust has launched the campaign to celebrate Mary’s legacy, in a tribute to the health professionals (including our precious NHS) and as a symbol of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Chair of the trust, Claire Dove CBE DL, said: “We believe our children deserve to see people of every colour celebrated in Liverpool’s iconic St George’s Hall. If we are to call a halt to generations of prejudice and distortion in the way our history is told, it is vital we make this change NOW. By erecting a statue of Mary Seacole to sit alongside those of her white contemporaries, we are both responding to the Black Lives Matter movement and celebrating Mary’s nursing legacy. A legacy which today lives on in the bravery of the nurses and doctors on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis.”

For more on this, visit the campaign’s website.

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