Survey | The abuse of women who run: perceptions, fear and experiences

The people behind this survey are a research team from the University of Manchester, working with two North-West police forces, to conduct a study into the experiences, perceptions and fear of abuse of women who run or jog. This can include verbal abuse, cat-calling, being followed or flashed at, as well as physical and sexual assaults. They are also interested in responses to incidents that are perceived as abusive (for example, telling friends, reporting to the police). They aim to increase knowledge and understanding about women’s experiences and concerns, where and when most incidents take place, and what can be done to enhance social and police responses.

If you are willing to share your experiences with them, the survey link below provides further information about what taking part involves, and enables you to complete the survey.

Merseyside: Click here to complete the survey.

Greater Manchester: Click here to complete the survey.

The survey is completely anonymous, and you can withdraw at any time by closing your browser. If you have any questions, please email Dr Caroline Miles (caroline.miles@manchester.ac.uk) or Dr Rose Broad (rosemary.broad@manchester.ac.uk).

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