Take part in an interview about gambling-related domestic abuse experiences of women who live in social housing

Can you help a research team by taking part in an interview about gambling-related domestic abuse experiences of women who live in social housing?

They want to talk to:

  •  women who live (or have lived) in social housing who have experience of gambling- related domestic abuse
  •  social housing providers with female residents impacted by gambling-related domestic abuse
  •  agencies who provide support to women impacted by gambling or domestic abuse.

Women with experience of gambling-related domestic abuse who participate in an interview with one of the researchers will be compensated for their time.

The project is lead by Dr. Mercy Denedo (Durham University) in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University, Cranfield University, Addressing Domestic Abuse (ADA) and Betknowmore UK. The project is funded by the Gambling Commission.

If you would like to take part or know more about the project, please leave your contact details in this form and someone from the research team will contact you.

You will be under no obligation to take part and your anonymity will be protected. They will only use your information for the purposes of contacting you about the research and will not share it with any third party. If this could in any way compromise your safety, please do not use the contact form but instead phone 07455 857120.

This is part of an exploratory study on gambling harms and domestic abuse: Experiences of women in a social housing context.

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