Take Part in the Liverpool Mental Health Festival

Liverpool Mental Health Festival is running again this year. Organised by Liverpool Mental Health Consortium, the festival will kick off on 1 October 2017.

There are a number of events already secured: a comedy night, a film night at FACT, a poetry slam, Workshop Wednesday and the annual public celebration on Williamson Square, to name just a few. In addition, Liverpool Mental Health Consortium is in partnership with Unity Theatre and their joint programme involves their comedy patron, award-winning comedian Sofie Hagen.

Organisations are invited to submit events and activities for inclusion in the festival programme. Free activities taking place during 1-14 October 2017 that are to do with the promotion of good mental health will be prioritised (no advertising). Depending on funding, the programme may be available online only. Use this form to submit your event.

There will be a film night as part of the festival, and the consortium is looking for short films to show. If you would like to contribute a short film, complete this submission form.

If your organisation would like to run a workshop at this year’s Workshop Wednesday on 4 October, submit your idea and who you are by filling in this short questionnaire.

Spaces will be limited for the above opportunities. All forms are also available in Word format on request to hello@zesteventmanagement.com.

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