The Brain Charity – Café Assistant

Posts available: 1.
Contract: Permanent.
Term: Full-time.
Salary: £21,500.
Hours per week: 37.5 hours per week (to be worked flexibly over 7 days to meet the requirements of evening and weekend meeting room hire bookings).
Reporting to: Head of Business Operations.
Location: Liverpool, L3 8LR.

Life for any of us can change in an instant. Experiencing a road traffic accident, a major stroke or being diagnosed with dementia can happen completely unexpectedly and can change our lives forever.

There are hundreds of different neurological conditions including stroke, brain tumour, brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease and many rarer ones too.

The Brain Charity offers emotional support, practical help and social activities to anyone with a neurological condition and to their family, friends and carers.

The Role

The role will assist in the coordination and the day to day running of the café, ensuring the area is well stocked and resources are utilised to ensure an excellent customer experience.

The café assistant will coordinate the café volunteers and promote opportunities for work experience and training. Designing and developing systems within the cafe for volunteers to utilise. Organising and controlling the volunteer rota ensuring continuity of service.

To read the full job description and to apply, please visit The Brain Charity website.

For more information, please contact jobs@thebraincharity.org.uk.

Deadline: Tuesday 8 February 2022.

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