The Brain Charity – Campaigns Officer

Posts available: 1.
Contract: Temporary.
Term: Part-time.
Salary: £26,000 PA (£15,600 pro-rata).
Hours per week: 22.5 hours.
Days per week: Flexible between 9:00 – 5:00 (Monday to Friday).
Reporting to: Head of Comms & Fundraising.
Location: Remote, with travel to London and Liverpool required.

Life for any of us can change in an instant. Experiencing a road traffic accident, a major stroke or being diagnosed with dementia can happen completely unexpectedly and can change our lives forever. The Brain Charity offers emotional support, practical help and social activities to anyone with a neurological condition and to their family, friends and carers. There are hundreds of different neurological conditions, including stroke, brain tumour, brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease and many rarer conditions. They are there for every single one of them.

Poverty, discrimination, social isolation and lack of access to swift diagnosis and health services are just a few of the unjust issues individuals with neurological conditions can face, through no fault of their own. The Brain Charity’s mission is to fight together for an inclusive and just society: a world where stigma, hardship and isolation are replaced by compassion and understanding. They will strive each and every day until prejudice and lack of opportunity are removed from our society.

The pen is mightier than the sword: why they need you:

They believe equality for people with neurological conditions is within reach. Key to achieving this is campaigning for the rights of their clients to remove discrimination and lack of access to key health services.

These issues are a contributing factor to serious negative health outcomes, and also additional problems such as poverty and lack of self-confidence. Put simply; better access to early diagnosis, correct identification of symptoms and swift treatment for people with brain and neurological conditions will save lives.

To help them achieve this goal, they are looking for an individual with the intellect and political savviness needed to influence policy decisions and lobby medical professionals. You will create positive and tangible changes and give a voice to some of our society’s most vulnerable people.

They are seeking a unique individual who has a strong background in a relevant area, such as health, social care, campaigning, communications, politics or legal services.

You will know your way around state-run departments and infrastructure in a way that enables you to target limited resources to achieve maximum impact.

To read the full job description and to apply, please go to The Brain Charity website.

For more details, please contact Jobs@thebraincharity.org.uk.

Deadline: Friday 18 March 2022 at 5 pm.

Interviews: Week commencing Monday 21 March 2022.

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