The Brain Charity is appealing for help with a new ‘meals on wheels’ service

The Brain Charity has established a ‘meals on wheels’ and community delivery service to protect those most vulnerable to Covid-19 across Liverpool City Region and they need your help to deliver it.

After having to close the extremely popular community café, The Brain Charity is now taking action to transform the service. The newest service is a ‘meals on wheels’ delivery service for those who are most vulnerable in their community. The vast majority of The Brain Charity’s service users had to self-isolate before the lockdown ever begun. So now, The Brain Food Café will be creating delicious, nutritious meals that will be delivered to those who need it, free of charge.

Not only that but the charity will be offering to pick up prescriptions, pop down to the shop to top up people’s gas meter credits and even take the dog to the vet if it falls ill.

For over 27 years The Brain Charity has been fighting against loneliness and breaking down barriers for those who have been isolated due to their neurological condition. Nanette Mellor, CEO of the charity, says, “This is not the time for us to close down our services. Yes we have to change what we do but that doesn’t mean offering less, now’s the time to ramp things up.”

The Brain Charity also intends to replace its weekly social activities with online group chats and workshops, and it’s highly sought after counselling service is preparing to continue support via telephone and video conferencing.

“We knew that we had to act quickly to protect those who most rely on The Brain Charity the most,” continues Nanette, “Many of our services, up until now, have been strongly based on face-to-face contact and so adapting to the Covid-19 situation was critical. We’ve always prided ourselves on our strong community and that is one thing that will never change.”

The Brain Charity is calling for community volunteers to join their team and seeking donations to support their appeal. If you have a spare hour or two a week, have your own transport and are in good health, they would love to hear from you. To get involved please email volunteering@thebraincharity.org.uk.

If you would like to make a donation to support the cost of petrol and food please visit The Brain Charity’s website.

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