The charity changing how schools build their governing boards

Education and Employers is a small charity changing how schools find people to govern, in order to increase governing board diversity.

The charity works to improve the life chances of children and young people by connecting them with volunteers from the world of work. Volunteers interested in becoming a school governor can register for a free programme called Inspiring Governance and connect with schools who have governor vacancies.

Schools welcome people from all backgrounds, who have the right skills, and it is so important that the people making decisions about schools reflect the communities they serve.

By joining a governing board, you could:

  • Bring a different way of thinking
  • Be a role model
  • Give your local community confidence in its schools
  • Provide insight on issues faced by young people
  • Help create a culture of inclusion
  • Gain skills to grow yourself
  • Develop your leadership skills and enhance your CV

Find out more by visiting the Inspiring Governance website.

From  there you can sign up as a volunteer and employers can sign up to be School Governor Champions, promoting governor volunteering opportunities across their workforce.

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