The Good Food Plan – Creative Agency

Term: April – June
Hours: N/A
Salary: £11,000 – inclusive of all costs.

We want to live in a city where everyone is able to access healthy and nutritious food. The City of Liverpool has a proud track record of working collaboratively to support the most vulnerable in our communities and ensuring basic needs are met. One such area is the ‘Right to Food’.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, organisations across the city have responded to ensure emergency food has been provided where needed, and to work towards a future where everyone has access to and ability to use affordable and nutritious food; and that the supply of food into the city is sustainable.

A group of partners – including Liverpool City Council, Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services and Feeding Liverpool – has formed and is seeking to produce a Good Food Plan for Liverpool. The plan will ultimately form part of the wider City Plan for Liverpool but set out a clear path to achieving the above objectives.

The first few months of this plan are about establishing the foundations on which the plan will be built – gathering and articulating what we already know about food in the city; suggesting obvious measures we can take in the short term, and setting the basis for long-term change. This includes hearing the voices of those in our communities in line with City Plan principles.

Stage 1 of the Good Food Plan is due for completion in June 2021. We anticipate this stage accumulating in a stakeholder event and report, with additional public facing outputs (such as videos).

This stage will bring together three key elements of the plan: data, listening and mapping.

The listening project will seek to listen to the experiences of residents across Liverpool experiencing food insecurity to:

a) Build a stronger understanding of the lived experiences of residents as part of the first stage of Liverpool’s Good Food Plan
b) Raise public awareness of the lived experiences of those experiencing food insecurity
c) Inform the future development of the Good Food Plan

We will do this through 5 x focus groups with local organisations and 12 x interviews with individual experiencing food insecurity.

The mapping project will include developing public facing maps to support both organisations and individuals as they navigate food provision across the city. This will build on the initial Feeding Liverpool map of affordable food provision in our city.

Creative Agency Brief

We are looking to engage an experienced creative agency (or individual) who can work with us on the Good Food Plan, supporting both the overall design and look of the plan and specific aspects of the plan, including The Listening Project – ensure the stories and findings are communicated in accessible, engaging ways – and The Mapping Project – supporting us to communicate public facing food provision maps.

As a minimum we are envisaging:

– The formation of a campaign brand for the Good Food Plan – including a logo that can be used across all outputs
– The design/production of 2 PDF reports – a longer report and executive summary and an infographic of the key findings (for June 2021)
– Editable assets (Word and PowerPoint templates)

Specific to the listening project:

– Production of a set of short videos (filmed on location, or animated videos if participants need to stay anonymous)
– Infographic/visualisation or similar of focus group findings (could be via graphic facilitation)

Specific to the mapping project:

-Support to communicate the public facing food provision maps: this may include a creative flow diagram to show organisations and the public which level of food provision they need to access / short 30 second videos explain how to use the maps

The maps will be hosted on Feeding Liverpool’s website.

Visual maps of specific case study areas may also be needed in the final report

In both of these elements we are open to hearing your vision for creatively communicating these aspects of the Good Food Plan.

The budget is £11,000, inclusive of all costs.

The role will be contracted through Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services, with the creative agency reporting to the Good Food Plan Project Manager and working with relevant project partners such as Feeding Liverpool.

Expressions of interest should be made by email to the Chair (s) of the Good Food Plan Steering Group via its secretariat: Brigid Parkinson on Brigid.Parkinson@liverpool.gov.uk

These should be no more than 2 pages and include links to your previous work and details of your experience in this area.

Contact details: Brigid.Parkinson@liverpool.gov.uk

Closing date: Thursday 18 March with applicants invited to pitch during the week beginning 22 March.

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