The LCR Early Years Festival is looking for a Photographer!

A photographer is being sought to support the LCR Early Years Festival w/c 13 June 2022 who can also take and edit videos (with footage coming in from partners at the events – so some of it will be rough and ready).

The Foundation Years Trust has been working with VS6 to organise an LCR Early Years Festival focusing on supporting parents’ role in developing infant speech and language skills. This has been identified as a post-pandemic priority to seek to close what was already a worrying attainment gap in LCR.

It is hoped that the festival, with a lead partner and event in each constituent authority, will act as a springboard for establishing an LCR 3rd sector early years forum to share best practice and support the statutory sector going forward.

For further details or expressions of interest, please contact the following email address directly: alvandermerwe@Foundationyearstrust.org.uk.

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