Together Liverpool – Social Action Lead Officer

Term: Fixed Term Part Time
Hours: 21 hours per week
Salary: £14632.80 pa
Location: Working remotely from home, other suitable venues for training events and a hot desk in St James House, Liverpool.

This role will champion social justice throughout the Diocese of Liverpool area, increasing the number, range, impact, and quality of faith-based social action projects within parishes, as part of the Diocese’s vision for a Bigger Church, Bigger Difference. To enable and equip parishes to develop their social action with programmes, tools, skills and connections, supporting parishes to identify and address issues of importance to the communities they serve.

Main Responsibilities:

– To work with local, national, and regional partner organisations to develop a toolkit for asset-based community development to be applied in practice across the Diocese of Liverpool area. This includes mapping, understanding and promoting existing good practice models of social action.
– Identify, train and support community activists (both lay people and clergy) in using such social action methods within churches and other faith-based organisations across the Diocese of Liverpool area.
– To develop Together Liverpool’s Network of Kindness, engaging and networking socially active people and churches at different levels: by geography, topic, demographic and / or clergy/laity.
– To oversee the delivery of social action projects across the Liverpool Diocese area where appropriate, including Places of Welcome and Linking Lives UK, promoting these to parishes were appropriate
– To work with Together Liverpool and the Diocese of Liverpool to monitor and report on social action projects as part of the Network of Kindness across the Diocese of Liverpool area.
– To enable diverse faith communities working together to foster mutual coordination and understanding, working together in particular on areas of social justice such as asylum, addiction recovery and basic human rights.
– To work across the Diocese of Liverpool area to strengthen community leadership by providing appropriate social action training, including for faith leaders who are building their own communities.
– To support Together Liverpool in developing its thinking around best-practice and asset-based methodology, including peer-led and self-reliance approaches.
– To work alongside the Diocese of Liverpool to support social action within Deanery Mission Plans as appropriate.
To represent the wider work of Together Liverpool at appropriate local, regional and national levels.

General responsibilities

– To work as part of a wider Together Liverpool team, promoting social action by contributing to other work programmes, events, networks and communications as appropriate.
To work collaboratively with colleagues as part of Together Liverpool
– To assist in the general efficient operation of Together Liverpool
To maintain confidentiality at all times in respect of Together Liverpool matters and to prevent disclosure of confidential or sensitive information.
– To promote the ethos and values of Together Liverpool and the Diocese of Liverpool by supporting the policies and procedures.

Job Outcomes:

– Increase number, range, impact and quality of faith-based social action projects within the Diocese of Liverpool area
– Increase community leadership from the faith sector
Increasing faith-based conversations; allowing people to explore their own identity, purpose and behaviours
– Increasing personal wellbeing through participation in community / socially minded activities
– Building inter and intra-faith partnerships delivering greater impact

For more details and to apply visit the Together Liverpool website.

Closing date: January 18, 2021

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