Economics Is for Everyone

Training Date: 11 February 2017

Saturday 11 February 2017, 10am-4.30pm – Room 1, Floor 7, Gostins Building, 32-36 Hanover Street, Liverpool, L1 4LN.

We all have views and ideas on different things that affect our lives – like who the government should be, whether or not a government should go to war- and yet most people feel like you need to be an expert to have a view on the economy. Jubilee Debt Campaign disagrees. Over the last 30-40 years, the role of the government has increasingly been to show to the country that it has a hold on the economy, that we can trust them to make the right choices.

We think that, in reality, the economic stories the government chooses to tell hide more than they reveal. We’re told that when growth is steady, the economy is good. But what does this really mean when more and more people are struggling to make ends meet, working conditions are getting worse and getting a home and an education costs more than ever?

This Jubilee Debt Campaign workshop will debunk some of the government’s narratives and invite participants to think in new ways about the economy. What is the economy and how does it work? Does the government use mainstream economic arguments politically, and if so, how?  What does a just economy, one that works for all people, look like?

This is a free, participatory and interactive workshop which is designed to go beyond dry facts, figures and trends to build a picture of what the economy means for people. This is for people who are normally put off by economics and want to know more. No prior knowledge about the economy is needed, but lived experiences are so important in our understanding of many complex issues, so don’t leave those at the door either!

The venue is fully wheelchair accessible and the event is free. £3 is available towards travel expenses. A free vegan lunch will will be provided.

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