Gas Safe Charity’s Free Carbon Monoxide Workshops

Training Date: 09 December 2021

Hosted by Gas Safe Charity | Multiple Dates | 9:30 – 10:30 am | November to December 2021 | Starting 9 November 2021 | Online (Zoom)

The Gas Safe Charity is offering FREE carbon monoxide (CO) workshops to help launch Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week which starts on 22 November 2021. As the days get colder and the heating is turned on, the potential risks of CO poisoning increase. The workshops last one hour and are a mix of practical information and interaction.

The workshops are aimed at staff and volunteers from any organisation that delivers a service in the home of a vulnerable person. This could be face to face or telephone support. The focus is on the sources, signs and symptoms of CO poisoning and the risks around low-level poisoning and what actions to take if you suspect this.

The workshops are available on multiple dates on Zoom:

  • Tuesday 9 November
  • Wednesday 10 November
  • Tuesday 23 November
  • Thursday 25 November
  • Tuesday 7 December
  • Thursday 9 December.

To book a place, please visit Eventbrite.

If you prefer e-learning, then please email

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