Introduction to Practical Mindfulness

Training Date: 11 November 2016

Friday 11 November 2016, 10am-5pm – 62 Castle St Liverpool   L2 7LQ

Many of us have felt the pressure of a looming deadline or that feeling of anxiety before an important meeting.

A certain level of stress is unavoidable and even useful in certain circumstances.
However, when our stress levels reach a certain point, we can feel tired, tense, overwhelmed and no longer in control and interestingly feeling that we have no control over our situation is a major contributor to anxiety and stress.

But, there is a solution. Mindfulness attention training is one of the most powerful, clinically proven antidotes stress and anxiety, it has been adopted by individuals and companies all over the world as a way of improving overall performance and reducing “burnout”.

Mindfulness has been shown to:

  • Have a positive effect on work-related stress
  • Reduce the risk of “burn out”
  • Improve attention span, performance, productivity, and satisfaction
  • Help to improve relationships with colleagues
  • Enhance creativity and innovation
  • Reduce addictive behaviour and the use of alcohol and caffeine
  • Increase blood flow and reduce blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease

Yet mindfulness-based training is practical and can be integrated into any working practice.

When you attend the one day introduction to Practical Mindfulness™ workshop you`ll receive much more than some really practical, easy to learn skills to help you feel more relaxed, less stressed, more focused and more energised.

Cost: £67 per person, includes refreshments

If you are a small business on Merseyside with 1-250 employees, you may be eligible for up to 80% funding.

For more information, call 0151 559 0661 or email

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