The Open University | Introducing Black Leadership | Free Course

Training Date: 01 December 2023

Hosted by The Open University | 24 Hours Study | Course can be taken at anytime (as of November 2023)

In this free course, you will develop skills to empower yourself as a leader. Guided by the Five Ps model of leadership (person, process, position, product and purpose), you will learn about the challenges and possibilities of Black leadership.

Developing skills in communication, critical analysis and teamwork will promote competence in a wide variety of contexts – from formal organisations to voluntary groups and social movements.

This course’s learning will be informed by cutting-edge theory in materials developed by experts in leadership, and it will incorporate a mix of contemporary and historical multimedia case studies.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand the meaning of leadership
  • appreciate how leadership can improve practice to further racial justice in a range of contexts
  • identify key characteristics of being an impactful Black leader
  • critically evaluate claims of leadership from the perspective of Black experience and critical race theory
  • communicate effectively within diverse groups to generate impactful leadership.

To learn more and to take this course, please click here.

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