Welcome to Play – a course for parents

Training Date: 13 May 2021

Hosted by Liverpool Adult Learning Service | 2 hours per week for 6 weeks beginning 13 May

Welcome to Play is a six week introduction (2 hours per week) to the importance of play as part of a positive approach to parenting.

This course explores how children learn through play and how parents can support their children’s learning and healthy development. Parents and children learn lots of new ideas for playing together and for preparing for school.

Children’s schemas for learning, schematic play and the balance between child-led/adult-led play are explored and connection, rather than correction is introduced as a way of forming healthy attachments.

This is a wonderful course, full of fun and creative ideas for playing together, delivered weekly by Dr Denise Wright, a creative play specialist and Chris Cavanagh, Liverpool’s parenting coordinator.

This course is only available to parents who live within the Liverpool city area, you must have a Liverpool postcode to attend.

Receive an ‘art picnic’ full of creative resources when you register via Eventbrite.

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