Trek Peru for Zoë’s Place

Join Zoë’s Place on an adventure of a lifetime!

The charity’s three previous challenges have seen 112 people from all walks of life take part in biking around Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia and Costa Rica. In total nearly half a million pounds has been raised for the children Zoë’s Place Hospice, which has made a huge difference to the care.

Having completed three spectacular bike rides, The charity is now trying something a bit different. On Sunday 12 May 2019 a group of people from all walks of life will be setting off to Peru to trek the classic Inca trail and raise funds for Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice. Your support is vital, as the hospice needs to raise £1,600,000 every year just to keep the doors open and the care provided to the children is second to none.

According Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice awards, Machu Picchu is still the number one landmark in the world and for very good reason. It is a spectacular location and an awe inspiring ancient city, unconquered by Spanish conquest in the 16th century and was virtually forgotten until around a hundred years ago.

You will trek the classic Inca route taking in:

  • The beautiful Cloud Forest Lulluchapampa
  • The Town above the Clouds, Phuyu Pata Marca
  • Warmiwanuska, the Dead Women’s Pass, 4,200m above sea level
  • Intipunku, the Sun Gate, which you will experience at dawn and will offer the iconic, unforgettable view of the lost city of the Incas, Macchu Picchu

Zoë’s Place is a hospice specifically for babies and children from ages 0-5 who have life limiting or life threatening conditions. Very little support is given from the UK Government and fundraising is a vital part of the day to day running of the Hospice.

This challenge is not easy. You will be trekking for up to 8-9 hours a day up very steep and difficult terrain. You will need to train for months and be really focused. You will also have pledge to raise a minimum of £3,500.

The trip is 10 days long but the actual trekking is for four consecutive days. The rest of the time is for acclimatising, travel and sightseeing. There is also an option to extend your stay just for ‘holiday time’ if you wish.

Because the trip is some time away, it will give you a real opportunity to get yourself fit. You will also have some great fun in getting your sponsorship money together. Between now and May 2019, you will always have the trip in the back of your mind. It’s hard work raising the money and even harder work getting to the level of fitness required but you will find that you will come out of it as a better person. This really can be a life changing experience for you.

The event is run by Classic Challenge who have years of expertise in this field and provide full support with tour guides, medics, cycle mechanics, etc.

If you are interested, you will need to complete the registration forms and pay a £400 non refundable registration fee, although this can form part of your fundraising. We will then help to support you to raise a further £3,100 for the hospice before the trip in May 2019.

For more information, contact Mark Pilkington on 0151 228 0353 or email mark.pilkington@zoes-place.org.uk.

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