UK Shared Prosperity Fund Webinars: Hosted by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority

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Liverpool City Region Combined Authority would like to invite you to a series of webinars on UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Government recently announced allocations of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, replacing the previous European Structural Investment Funds. It is a significant component of funding that supports people and places across the UK. The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority has been allocated £52.8m for the period 2022-2025 (£17.6m per year). The total allocation includes a ‘Multiply’ component of £8.4m (Multiply is the Government programme for increasing adult numeracy).

To unlock the funding Liverpool City Region needs to submit an investment plan to Government by the end of July, setting out our priorities and interventions. These informative events will give you an overview of our emerging investment plan.

Details of the webinars are as follows: 

  • Liverpool City Region UKSPF Plan – (People and Skills focus): 20 June, 2pm – 3pm.  To register CLICK HERE
  • Liverpool City Region UKSPF Plan – (Supporting Local Business focus): 21 June, 9am – 10am. To register CLICK HERE.    
  • Liverpool City Region UKSPF Plan – (Communities and Place focus): 23 June, 2pm – 3pm. To register CLICK HERE

Please feel free to circulate details of these events to other parties that may be interested.

At our recent VS6 “UK Shared Prosperity Fund: Making the case for Liverpool City Region’s VCFSE Sector” event, the VS6 partnership shared with attendees our plans for ensuring that the VCFSE sector in LCR is engaged within the UK-SPF planning both at a regional and borough level.

At this event, our Combined Authority colleagues presented the current planning and work happening to prepare an LCR Local Investment Plan submission for the UK-SPF, including the development of a Local Partnership Group. The Local Partnership Group (LPG) will consist of representatives from across the City Region from various sectors and organisations to consult on the UK-SPF investment plan. Representatives currently sat on the LPG include Local Authority reps, public health reps, Chamber of Commerce reps (from each borough), Further and Higher Education reps, Local Enterprise Partnership and many more.

We are pleased to state that alongside Dr Ellen Loudon, the identified representative for the LCR VCFSE sector (and VS6 Chair), that we have been able to secure representation on the LPG from each borough’s CVS. In summary, VCFSE representation on the LCR CA’s UK-SPF Local Partnership Group includes:

Our VCFSE representatives attended the first meeting of the Local Partnership Group on Monday 13th June and provided insights and input on behalf of the VCFSE sector on the draft Investment Plan and indicative allocations.

To engage with this agenda, please contact your local CVS as stated above. Additionally, the LCR CA has arranged three workshops focused on the three priorities within the UK-SPF Investment Plan, the details of which are above:

These workshops are open to all, so please do get involved to find out more and help shape the UK-SPF Investment Plan for a strong VCFSE sector.

For further information, please find links below to recent presentations from VS6 and the Combined Authority:

VS6 UK-SPF Event Slide Deck – The VS6 approach

LCR Combined Authority UK-SPF Consultation Pack

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