Upcoming Training Sessions from LCVS for March 2019

New – Local Funders Masterclass

This course will identify a range of small, medium, and large funders who have a particular focus upon funding voluntary sector organisations located and operating in Liverpool and/or Merseyside.

The course will consider key criteria, application processes, and steps to plan and apply to: The Hemby Trust, Rathbone Trusts, PH Holt, John Moores Foundation, and Steve Morgan Foundation.

This course would be particularly useful for fundraisers from registered charities located in Liverpool or Merseyside. You will develop knowledge and skills that will enable you to understand grant requirements and make strong cases for your projects.

Further information.

Finance Skills Training

This session offers a practical introduction to record keeping, production of accounts for internal and external purposes, and budgeting techniques required for both an organisation’s own use and in preparation for funding bids.

This course is aimed at those responsible for the internal finance functions of an organisation.

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