Voice of Nations Mentoring Programme

Voice of Nations’ Intensive Mentoring will engage up to 30 unemployed or low income earning individuals for up to 10 months to provide bespoke support to enable them identify and exploit their greatest strengths, and overcome their limitations and accomplish their goals.

The expert mentor and coach will support mentees work on their personal development and build their self-esteem, confidence/develop their hidden potentials and employable/ self-employable skills so they can become more resilient, confident, employable or to start up their own businesses.

There is an event on Saturday 11 March 2017 where potential mentees can find more information and to enrol on the programme. As part of the project, there will also be two Employer’s Fairs, to connect mentees with potential employers/organisations and trainers/mentors as they exit the Mentoring Programme.

Mentees can benefit from an attendance allowance of upto £50 if eligible.

For more information, email info@voiceofnations.org.uk.

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