Volunteer Opportunity

Support Volunteer – Corporate Fundraising

North West Air Ambulance is looking for support volunteers for its corporate fundraising team to help with:

  • Researching companies online in the North West
  • Researching companies that have Charity of the Year schemes
  • Compiling a list of potential companies to target
  • Contacting agreed companies to identify potential and garner opportunities
  • Investigating these companies by finding out when the partnership starts/ends, how charities are chosen, what the process is, who the responsible person is
  • Compiling information found on an excel spreadsheet
  • Creating a list of potential corporate supporters

For over 17 years the North West Air Ambulance charity has provided the rapid pre-hospital care needed to make a life changing difference. It operates three helicopters, flying 365 days a year with doctors and paramedics on board providing emergency medical treatment when time is critical.

Read more and apply online.

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