Volunteer with South Liverpool Domestic Abuse Services

South Liverpool Domestic Abuse Services (SLDAS) supports women who experience domestic violence or abuse across South and South Central Liverpool. SLDAS is committed to supporting women to reach their potential, giving women opportunities to share their skills to support and empower local women to overcome their experience of domestic abuse.

Volunteers make a real difference to people’s lives and are key to all aspects of SLDAS services. Volunteers receive accredited training and work experience in a friendly, supportive environment. In addition to providing volunteer work experience, SLDAS provides placements to local social work students, as part of their degree course.

If you are interested in volunteering for South Liverpool Domestic Abuse Services, contact Karen Hammond on 0151 494 1777 or email voltraining@sldas.co.uk. In order to volunteer, you will need to attend a accredited training course which will commence on 11 September 2018.

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