We Are Undefeatable supports people with health conditions into physical activity

Sport England are working with 15 leading health and social care charities to inspire those with long-term health conditions build physical activity into their lives, in a project called We Are Undefeatable.

The official launch of the project, which is Liverpool Sport and Recreation, by took place in September.

You are twice as likely to be inactive if you have a health condition, however being active can help to manage over 20 long-term conditions such as depression and type 2 diabetes; it reduces the risk of developing some conditions by up to 40% and can delay the onset of and reduce the severity of many health conditions.

We Are Undefeatable recognises the unique barriers that those living with health conditions face and it is the first time a campaign has shown the emotional stories of men and women living with a variety of conditions getting active in ways that work for them.

Led by The Richmond Group, a collaboration of 15 leading health and social care charities, the campaign is backed with expertise, insight and National Lottery funding from Sport England.

In Liverpool, the campaign is being supported by the city’s physical activity campaign, Fit for Me.

How to get involved

The campaign will run across TV, radio and social media

  • Please refer to the Fit For Me website for further information about this new campaign: click here to visit the Fit for Me website
  • You can share information surrounding the campaign through your networks and on social media using the hashtags #weareundefeatable #joininfeelgood
  • Talk to people about it and spread the word! When liaising with service users please start to think about the campaign and how it can support individuals with long term conditions, who experience numerous barriers to physical activity
  • Tell campaign organisers about the activities you deliver. If you deliver sessions that are appropriate for individuals with long term conditions, or you are a provider who would like to learn more about the campaign and how to be involved, contact Matthew.Ronneback@liverpool.gov.uk
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