Window Wanderland to Light up Liverpool

As neighbourhoods locked down through the pandemic, Window Wanderland crept in and created magic to keep communities connected. As galleries reluctantly closed their doors, artworks of all kinds found their way into the streets of the nation, lighting up neighbourhoods and bringing people together safely.

And now the innovative community organisation which has lifted the spirits of communities across the UK through the arts, is for the first time coming to Liverpool in 2022 and is looking for local people who want to get involved.

So what exactly is a Window Wanderland?

A not-for-profit organisation, Window Wanderland was born of a passion for social change – a project to help combat social isolation and bring communities together.

It is a magical outdoor art gallery. A chance for people to get creative and light up the windows of their homes, schools, business, and community spaces – indeed anywhere with a street-facing window – with whatever they choose to create. Together these window artworks form a delightful walking art trail.

For many, Window Wanderland creations combine stencils made from black card with multi-coloured tissue paper, but the only real limitation is the window. Painted windows, dioramas, mobiles, silhouette animations, light shows, theatre performances and music have all featured.

The power of the creative arts to improve mental health and to cultivate community connectedness is something that’s never far from our minds. It’s what inspired founder, Lucy Reeves-Khan, to set up Window Wanderland and it continues to be what drives the work of the Window Wanderland team.

“The idea for Window Wanderland came about due to my own experience of isolation during rehabilitation from an accident. I often went out after dark as I was embarrassed about how I walked. When I saw curtains open I felt less lonely. I thought to myself how nice it would be if people created artworks in their windows to make me smile” says Lucy.

A Window Wanderland event is an excellent way to achieve plenty of public engagement. It’s such an inclusive activity, accessible to all ages and abilities.

“People often start off worrying that they’re not artistic enough but, given the right opportunity, I think everyone is capable of remarkable things. I love how Window Wanderland brings out the creativity in people.”

How to get involved

The first Window Wanderland has been registered for the area of Croxteth, so if you are within that area you can simply contact the organiser and find out how to get involved.

Or if you are from the wider Liverpool area working as part of a community organisation, or simply an individual or voluntary group who wants to see their community come to life you can register as an organiser and get the ball rolling for your area!

They’ll help you to put on a Window Wanderland to remember. Their toolkits, promotional tools and support make it so much easier for you to promote your event, support participants, and give your wonderful windows the limelight they deserve.

Sign up and they’ll literally put you on the Window Wanderland map – as well as provide you with your own web page, gallery and listing. What’s more, you can opt to have an online map of your participants’ artworks, making it easy for visitors to explore your Window Wanderland trail.

To organise your own event and for more information, please visit the Window Wanderland website.

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