WODIN Tafuta Project 2022 – an LCVS funded project

Women and Digital Inclusion (WODIN) is delighted to launch a unique Feasibility Study and Digital Inclusion program. WODIN is working to deliver this feasibility study and development program aimed at addressing and understanding WHY and HOW to bring systemic change to the underrepresentation of Black Immigrant Women experiencing racial inequalities within employment, and public life.

The aim of the project is to address the apparent deficit of Black Ethnic minority women, facing racial inequalities in all areas and at all levels of professional careers and employment.

The Tafuta Project 2022 is looking for 10 Black Immigrant Women over the age of 21 (with an emphasis on 25 – 70 years) who live or work in Liverpool or Merseyside. They are looking for women who want to share their lived experiences regarding career growth, employment opportunities. Whether they are in their chosen or preferred career, as well as gain an understanding of digital tools to create a digital profile that serves their goals, presents their message and story in a way that can propel them towards their desired career or even public life and make a positive contribution to their area and community.

Over 3 months, participants on the program will take part in a series of conversations and training sessions to gain an insight into digital branding, telling your value story, digital safety, and security.

The aim of the WODIN Tafuta program:

  • Is to deliver a feasibility study that can be a tool of reference for local authorities, employers, BAME Organisations, and civic leaders on the underrepresentation of Black Women in the Careers sector.
  • It is to connect participants with first-hand knowledge of Digital Branding to propel their career and job readiness.
  • To provide participants with the insight, skills, confidence, and practical knowledge to use unique digital skills to move into whichever sector they choose to.
  • It will also give local authorities and organisations the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the perspectives and experiences of Black Immigrants as a people facing racial inequality. And how this can improve their career chances and decision-making processes.

To learn more about WODIN, please visit their website.

For further information, please contact WODIN at wodinliverpool@gmail.com or on 07879 053346.

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