Young Liverpool Arab Arts Festival Vacancy: Project Manager

Salary: £25,000 (pro rata)

Contract hours: Average 16hrs per week, including weekends, evenings and flexible times during Liverpool Arab Arts Festival period

Contract: Immediate start until 4 August 2017, with potential to increase if additional funds are secured

Liverpool Arab Arts Festival (LAAF) is an excellent model of how the celebration of Arab arts and culture challenges prejudice and fosters understanding between people. The organisation was established in 1998, and is of great national significance as the UK’s longest running, most successful and sole annual Arab arts and cultural festival.

It is LAAFs mission to provide Arab arts and culture in Liverpool with an international reach, to bring diverse groups of people together, and to increase the public’s knowledge and understanding of Arab culture and its people. LAAF was born out of Liverpool’s Arab community and its ambition is to ensure community members can develop a sense of ownership and pride in the festival. Young people should be central to LAAF’s future in terms of ensuring the festival remains current and relevant to younger age groups.

The organisation is looking to appoint a highly motivated and experience Project Manager to develop and deliver a new LAAF initiative Funded by Said Foundation Amal Project.  The successful candidate will be accountable for reaching and engaging young People/adults of Arab/Muslim faith who are underrepresented in arts and creative industries.

You must have at least three years experience of working in the arts and culture industries and two year’s experience of working with young people and young adults experiencing isolation and exclusion. You must also have knowledge of social and cultural barriers experienced by target group and an understanding of Arab/Muslim culture and faith.

To apply, submit your CV along with a covering letter (maximum 2 sides of A4) demonstrating relevance to the role, to admin@arabicartsfestival.co.uk.

Closing date: Thursday 13 April 2017, 5pm

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