Youth and Play Grant 2018-20 – Question and Answer Sessions

Liverpool City Council will shortly be accepting applications for the Youth and Play Grant 2018-20. The grants are for voluntary and community organisations to:

  • Lead ward-based consortiums to deliver universal youth work
  • Run citywide projects

Constituted not-for-profit voluntary and community organisations with a delivery base within Liverpool can apply. Registered Providers and statutory services can act as an accountable body in a consortium bid made up of voluntary and community organisations.

There will be two question and answers prior to the application window opening. This is so that all voluntary and community organisations who wish to apply have the opportunity to find out more about the grant.

The two sessions have been arranged as follows:

Session 1: Thursday 9 November 2017, 10am-12noon at Croxteth Gems Community Association, 9 Armill Road, Liverpool, L11 4TR

Session 2: Thursday 9 November 2017, 6-8pm at Harthill Youth Centre, Wellington Road, Liverpool, L15 4JN

Tea and coffee will be provided on arrival at both sessions.

To book your attendance at one of these sessions, contact Debbie Bethell or Allan Bellamy on 0151 233 7020 or email corporate.grants@liverpool.gov.uk.

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