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This fund is open throughout the year.

The David Lewis Association is once again open to receiving grant applications for disadvantaged young people in Liverpool, who need financial help to achieve life-changing goals.

The David Lewis Association makes grants to disadvantaged young people in Liverpool who need financial help to achieve life-changing goals. We’ve helped people on the road to sporting success, supported musicians, actors and dancers in their ambitions, given financial aid to young people volunteering overseas and helped to provide valuable resources to those wanting to further their academic studies.

We welcome applicants pursuing a range of dreams and ambitions, however, we make our grants through a process of sponsorship, rather than to the young applicants directly. This means that applicants need an organisation such as a school, sports club, charitable organisation or youth centre to sponsor their application and contact the David Lewis Association on their behalf.

For more information on how to apply for a grant, visit the David Lewis Association website.



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