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For funding opportunities from or managed by LCVS, please see the menu to the left. For external funding opportunities, please see the button at the top of the page.

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For funding opportunities from or managed by LCVS, please see the menu to the left (if you are on desktop) or scroll further down (if you are on mobile).

LCVS has extensive experience in the management of multiple grants programmes to support voluntary organisations and communities in Liverpool and beyond. We offer a friendly, supportive service that aims to enable organisations applying for funds to maximise their chances of success.

LCVS supports the national campaign that seeks to encourage local and central government to utilise grants as a way of building stronger communities. Good grants programmes have several benefits:

  • Investing locally – enabling finance to be retained within local economies, coupled with the added benefit of encouraging public and corporate donations and volunteer activity.
  • Supporting community – by engaging the understanding and skills of local people, the unique requirements of each community can be better met and maintained.
  • Empowering people – drawing on the expertise of individuals and service users working on behalf of the community and its residents at a grassroots level, rather than adopting the ‘bigger picture’ approach favoured by fixed contracts.
  • Saving time, effort and resources – grants have a more targeted focus and often provide a quicker and easier mechanism for enabling change than can be achieved via fixed contracts.
  • Nurturing innovation – grants provide beneficiaries with the opportunity to look at the most appropriate outcomes for people, instead of the top-down approach of contracts for service delivery.

As well as our own programmes, LCVS administers funds on behalf of other trusts and organisations that commission us to do so.

On this page, you can access application forms and guidance for the grants that are currently available.

For general information, email or ring us on 0151 227 5177.

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