Thrive kicks off Stronger Futures coaching programme pilot with LCVS Community Impact Fund support

Thrive aims to offer a safe space for vulnerable young people, including care leavers. They aim to support young people to have happy, fulfilling lives by reducing or removing their barriers to work and personal growth. They specialise in support such as exploring education options and securing meaningful work for young people.

Over the last three years, they are proud to have:

  • Worked with over 100 living wage employers to support young people into employment
  • Delivered over 500 interactive sessions for young people across the LCR
  • Supported one young care leaver into a fully funded, 3-year university education with wraparound funded housing support
  • Support one young man into a Civil Service apprenticeship specifically for care leavers.

They have built a strong connection with LCVS over the past year, engaging in LCVS Training as well as benefitting from the LCVS Community Impact Fund. The latter has allowed Thrive to pilot their Stronger Futures coaching programme.

Thrive’s Stronger Futures programme is a youth-led programme which will work with twelve vulnerable young people who are not in education, employment, or training and who have already identified that poor wellbeing and mental health is their key barrier to work. Their primary focus lies with significantly improving young people’s health and wellbeing but will focus on outcomes leading to securing education, employment and in the long term, income stability. To learn more, please click here.

Here’s what Hannah Lewis, Partnerships Manager from Thrive had to say about getting funding from the LCVS Community Impact Fund:

“As a team, they have been so supportive in breaking down funding guidance and offering support. They are always so responsive to queries and offer support in each step of the journey.”

To check if the LCVS Community Impact Fund is currently open, please click here.

When asked about if Thrive would recommend LCVS to the sector, here’s what Hannah had to say:

“Connect with LCVS, jump on the funding calls and briefings via Teams and continue to check their website. They are a connected team who champion opportunity for smaller organisations across the region – it’s definitely worth connecting with them!”

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To learn more about Thrive, please click here to visit their website.

Thrive is also known as Thriving Spaces CIC.

The interior of Thrive’s hub.

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