Confidence, Performance & Positive Futures, a new creative course for women

Training Date: 08 September 2021

Hosted by Paperwork Theatre | Wednesdays | 10 am – 1 pm | Weekly sessions from 8 September to 22 December 2021 | Liverpool Everyman Theatre, L1 9BH

Paperwork Theatre will develop the confidence and skillset of 12 women aged 25+ in Liverpool who are currently unemployed through a 16-week programme of drama, creative writing and practical skills within the arts.

This course is particularly useful for those lacking confidence, self-esteem and/or motivation when looking for new opportunities. It is also useful for those returning to employment/training after a career break as it will help them to prepare and find their pathway to work.

The candidates will need to be able to follow verbal and written instructions and work with others to complete tasks.

This course is open to women aged 25+ who are living in Liverpool and are currently out of work. Before starting the course the candidates will need to confirm that they are legally able to work in the UK and that they are unemployed/not actively seeking work.

Paperwork Theatre is able to provide some extra support such as travel and childcare expenses to assist the candidates to take part in the programme.

For more information, please view this document.

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Please note, this training programme was posted in September 2021 and may have ended since then.

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