Older LGB Interviews

Are you over the age of 55, live in or near Merseyside and identify as either lesbian, gay or bisexual?

Older LGB people can be “doubly invisible” – i.e. they can be overlooked both by the LGB community and the hetero-dominant wider society. There is a focus on youth centred activities within the LGB community and research has shown that older LGB people may have different experiences from their heterosexual counterparts.

As part of my Masters research in Public Health I would like to speak to you to explore your thoughts and views on care – both from friends and family/healthcare professionals in the past and the future.

The interview can take place at a location of your choosing, and will last around an hour.

If you are interested, get in touch with researcher Rory McGill on 07540 354 484 or email rmcgill@liverpool.ac.uk.

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