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To give yourself the best chance of having your News Story featured on the LCVS website, Twitter and Newsletter, please follow the guidelines below:

  • If the news story falls outside the geographical area of Liverpool or is not voluntary sector related, it will not be published unless it is of a regional/national interest
  • If the news story is not in an accessible format, it will not be published
  • If people need to take action such as email/call or visit a website for further information, please include contact information or a link to the website.

Where to send your News Story

Please email your News Story to

On the Email Subject Line, please put ‘NEWS STORY FOR PROMOTION:’ before anything else.

You can attach an image (png/jpeg) to go out with the news story.

Please note: LCVS will always edit everything before publishing

We are not able to publish every news story due to the sheer volume of information that is sent to us. However, sending your news story well in advance and in the ideal format will greatly improve your chances of it being featured.

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