Bid for Success at LCVS Funding Masterclasses

Following the success of the Big Lottery Masterclass in 2017, LCVS has launched a series of funding masterclasses as part of the 2018 training programme. The series is starting with the Children in Need Masterclass in May.

“These masterclasses are a new feature of our 2018 training programme,” says LCVS Funding Advisor John McCormack. “We are continuing to respond to the needs of the sector to support and increase its income generation capabilities. Organisations are under increased pressure to find and secure the funds they need to sustain and develop their services, which makes answering application questions in the right way all the more important.”

When it comes to funding, there is a huge amount of competition for the bigger funding schemes. For the masterclasses, we have chosen those funders that we think are the most significant and cover the broad themes of the sector.

Masterclasses are different from the normal LCVS training courses. “They are not just about looking at fund criteria and the application process,” John explains. ”They forensically look at each question asked in the applications and give practical guidance on how to answer to help make the best possible case for support.”

Each masterclass is six hours long, and an intensive, in-depth and interactive session. They give participants the opportunity to have discussions about the fund and also about wider sector issues. They are a great networking and idea-sharing opportunity.

The Funding Masterclasses for 2018 are:

We postponed the Big Lottery Reaching Communities masterclass that was planned to take place in February, due to the Big Lottery introducing a new application process. This Masterclass will be rescheduled for late May or early June 2018, once we have familiarised ourselves with the new process.

In addition to the masterclasses, we are also running a wide variety of fundraising training to help you diversify your income generation. See our training programme for more information or view the training calendar on our website.

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